Acting Coach

As a coach, my focus is always on you: what you are bringing to your work, and what else we can open up in your work, whatever your level. I will try and find the exercises and insights that will help you bring extra depth to your performance or help you find things you may not have realised were there before.

All sessions will be online via Zoom for now, and I am therefore able to coach you no matter where you are if you can make the time zones work for you!

I will consider in-person coaching at a later stage when we have a better idea of how things are going for us post-pandemic.

Contact me to have a chat about development coaching or to book an audition coaching session.

Acting Development


$75 + HST per hour

We will prioritise monologues and simpler scenes where your character has the lion’s share of the dialogue and action.

If you can find a reader to come in for all or part of the session, then we can work on more complex scenes.
The reason for this is that if I am reading with you and there is a lot of dialogue or action to look at, it detracts from my focus on you and what you are doing with the scene. I prefer to have 100% of my attention on you.


$100 + HST per hour
($50 + HST each per hour)

Perfect for two actors who want to work out their acting muscles together.

We will work in one of two ways, depending on the scenes that you are working on and what you want to do:
1) Each of you will find characters and scenes that suit you, without worrying about whether it works for the other actor, and we will split each session equally so that I coach one actor at a time with the other acting as reader.
2) You can find characters and scenes that suit both of you within the same scene and we will spend the full session on these with both of you receiving coaching for the scene.

Audition & Self Tape Coaching



Also known as “The Triage”! 😉

I will help you make the most out of your audition opportunity, finding as much depth and nuance as we can in the time we have, alternative takes on the scene(s), and deciding on whatever physical action may be necessary.

If you are shooting a self tape, I will read with you if you need it and I am also able to consult on framing, eyelines, etc. Don’t underestimate the importance of these!

General Consultation

Have questions about your career and want some advice? Want a technical consultation on your self tape setup? Want someone to critique your latest self tape? Need help with setting up or updating your IMDb page?

I’m happy to help you with this as much as I can – just drop me a line.

Photographer: Jodi Thibodeau


Rosey will never be good with good enough. She always pushes to get something different and the best out of you. She is a great director and coach and will work tirelessy to make you better.

Florian François

Rosey is an audition coach who listens with patience and makes great suggestions to build on your own discoveries as an actor for your scene.

Jennifer Vallance

I’ve had the privilege of being under Rosey’s excellent direction and guidance on several occasions. Her sharp and inspired eye has frequently provided something extra in my work.

M.E. Lewis

I have worked with Rosey on a professional basis, and she brings that professionalism and insight to everything she does. When self taping with Rosey, she brings out the best in you and provides ideas you may have missed to ensure your self tape is in a great league. Her eye to detail when working on Demo Reels is just as impressive. I would highly recommend using Rosey!!

James Acton

One of the best audition coaches I have worked with, with a great director’s eye.
She sees what you are trying to do, capitalizes on it, then offers ideas you have not considered giving you a richer layered performance. Rosey Tyler – honest, supportive and takes no guff!

Dan Willmott

Rosey’s coaching has guided me to reach emotions at a depth I had not envisioned when I first started acting. With her guidance in script analysis, I’m able to shed much needed time off my preparation to focus more energy on building the character. Because of her guidance, I am a confident and stronger actress. Rosey brings experience and a supportive environment to each session allowing us actors opportunities to explore our characters and develop their personalities to the fullest.

Christina Collin

Rosey is always a pleasure to work with. The exercises she has you play with help to get more comfortable with the scene and discover new things about the characters that you might not have thought about before. Plus they’re also quite fun!

Lena Burmenko

Rosey helps you find different ways to play with the character, making audition and self-tape prep a fun and inspiring experience.

John Krissilas